Saturday, April 11, 2009

New St. Vincent video - "Actor Out Of Work"

Here's the video for the sort-of title track from St. Vincent's forthcoming album, Actor. It's a pretty straightforward rock song, but with those dramatic flourishes that make St. Vinnie's Hospital so distinct. Annie Clark looks lovely as usual and I have a crush on her, which is not something I would normally make a point of mentioning, but I will this time because so cute. But also good music! I have a true story about Annie Clark that's really interesting and exciting*: once I stood next to her at the Knitting Factory. She was very pretty. I could tell she wanted me, but was too shy to make a move. Next time, Annie.

(via GvsB)

If you like this, here's an MP3 (via Mediafire):

St. Vincent - Actor Out Of Work

Actor comes out 5/4. I guess it leaked a few days ago, but you should buy it because that's the responsible thing to. If you download it, SHAME ON YOU!

*Parts of this story are neither true, exciting, nor interesting.

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