Thursday, August 6, 2009

This Is A Post About Stuff White People Like

You all are familiar with Stuff White People Like. You frequently identify with it, you disagree with it other times, you think it's hilarious. And it is. I'm not blazing any new trails here, I'm just going to make a list of things on the list that I like too. Like you care. Boooooring. Whatever. I'm not even going to link to them individually. If you want to see what they are, find them yourself.

I am a White Person, and I like this Stuff:

#113 (though I'm always disappointed by it)

These are things that I love. There are other things on this list that I certainly like, and others that I'm certainly not opposed to, and others that I am opposed to, but mostly just to be a contrarian dick. Ultimately, though, I have an opinion on everything here, just like all y'all honkies do. That's why the satire here is so good. Humor analysis!

Wow, what a shitty post. I'm still gonna post it.

Here's a bonus track for wasting your time with me. It's what came to mind when I thought of the whitest music (for the right kind of white people. Don't try to talk to me about irrelevant things like Puddle of Mudd or something [wow, cranky?]):

The National - Mistaken for Strangers - buy

Why don't you leave a comment about what you identify with? Maybe that will give some purpose to this post.

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Clam said...

Althought I find this site very reflective of white people, and fairly comical. Wouldn't it be more politically correct to refer to it as "the stuff americans like"? Well, political correctness is certainly debatable, but I feel most of the items on that list mostly identify with Americans. I mean I can't really see a country like Armenia with a large white majority to enjoy things like... 10,26,46.

But hey, it's a small world after all.